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I am a multimedia Anglo-Indian artist who grew up in England, France and India. As such, I was exposed to a diversity of world cultures and lifestyles and often found myself an outsider to the everyday lives of individuals I encountered. This prompted a curiosity and interest in travelling and learning about different ways of looking at and experiencing the world.

In this art piece I wanted to make something intangible and imaginary to play with the idea of projecting dreams. My intention was to share and make visual my dream of being a nomadic artist and singer. The projected images of me busking and making art onto a stencil of a camper van are representative of this dream. The van is at once a vehicle to transport me to destinations and also a metaphor of a vehicle representing the means i.e. the platform and space from which to make art. The van hangs by strings, much like a puppet, which reinforces the performance element of making art and reflects my deliberate intention to manipulate the van in order to give it an additional purpose from that for which it was originally intended.

The work is a conceptualisation of a future arts project I intend to undertake. It stems from my desire to take ownership of my education and break away from seeing educational institutions as the only means by which to learn.  I plan to buy a campervan and use it as a vehicle from which to make art. The campervan will also act as a nomadic home, and will allow me to travel Europe in search of unusual and inspiring places.  During my trip I will invite artists, intellectuals and friends who wish to collaborate. Vygotsky commends the social aspect of learning and ‘the more knowledgeable other’ who helps facilitate learning. As such, these collaborators will be welcome company and will also support a mutually sustained learning experience.

As I will be continuously on the move, I will have opportunities to perform and present works to varying audiences that I hope to find in markets and squares around Europe. The campervan will replace a conventional gallery space and will be more inclusive by bringing art to the people via an itinerant art venue. I want the works to evolve instinctively rather than approaching the project with a predetermined set of works in mind.  Being open to ideas that develop as the journey progresses will be more rewarding and support the unfolding of innovative works. In this way I wish to develop a more personal and creative pedagogical structure which will allow me to experience and pursue art in a more meaningful way.

My inspiration to continue to sing and make art derives from the singer, Lhasa De Sela. Her music connects with my core being and makes me realize the power of music to connect with people and as a means of exchange. The visual artist, Simon Starling also makes art pieces about his journeys and his work has encouraged me to see the journey as part of the piece:

‘A solo traveller, he takes no company, but makes photographs along the way. Starling is his own witness to these events which deliver a unique ordering and re-ordering of things, his own episteme.’ (Engberg, 2000)

To visit the live exhibition

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