welcome to your new home


Today I planted out my courgettes and peas! So much for hardening them off over two weeks! Two days is enough for us! Well I was quite concerned with how big they are getting and they really didn’t enjoy hanging around outside and in their small pots as they weren’t stable enough. Today I planted them and put a fleece around to keep them a little warmer and shelter them slightly from the wind, rain and sun. I’ve also got some well planted bamboo canes in the ground which I trust will keep them safe. I love this photo below. I took it as I was almost finished planting (four hours later). I peered under the fleece and I thought WOW! This looks fantastic! You’ve helped to create something so beautiful, a place full of love and life. It feels so good to live here. I’m having so much fun in the garden and growing alongside the plants, we’re all beginners. I hope that the wall get covered in peas and flowers. So excited to see how they progress.


IMG_0201    IMG_0220   IMG_0225



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