Welcome to this world baby Calendulas

My seed sowing is going really well. In fact I have lots of little baby calendula seeds that germinated just a few days ago! I was so thrilled to see them! These are the first to lead the army of seeds that are soaking up all the light on the window sills in my bedroom and kitchen. They make me feel I’m surrounded by dormant beings bursting with life. I was quite surprised to see them actually, as I didn’t have much faith in having green fingers. I’ve never done this before and it does seem quite impossible that anything could grow from such a tiny insignificant seed. It’s a miracle really. It keeps me in awe with life. Today was a bit of a battle against the universe though. I was given two beautiful big terracotta pots for my window ledge,

which were solidly together. I thought nothing of it at first, but soon I realised that it was going to be a nightmare getting them apart, not only did they weigh a ton, I’m four floors of stairs up! I spent all morning trying everything to pry them apart, but no luck, and worse! I lost my key to the shed so I couldn’t even get to my compost to sow any seeds! And on such a good day to sow by the moon! Ahhhh. I went to the library to work on my essays instead, but being a stubborn and determined taurus I couldn’t let this one go. I managed to find a key from my housemate and I just decided to keep the terracotta pots together and fill them with seeds. I kind of wanted to sow everything I had in there, so I did – almost. I sowed parsley (which I soaked overnight), peppermint, calendula, wild rocket, nasturtiums, basil, spinach and mixed salad leaves. The box isn’t that big but I wanted it to be bursting with life, and herbs I can just open my window and eat or make an infusion with.

Best sowing her first tray of peas



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