il mio dolce orto



Sometimes we don’t realise what we’re dreaming of is right in front of our eyes. Looking for the horizon, we don’t see. We are looking beyond when it’s right in front of you, sweet pea.


I spent a lovely day outside with Vanessa weeding the bed I plan to grow vegetables in. As I write I can see a squirrel exploring, sniffing the newly dug earth, surely searching for some seeds! Not yet cheeky! Vanessa and I haven’t seen each other in a year so this was a great way to catch up. Although I’ve had lots of experience working the land, I’ve never had my own space to grow. This means I need to know what to do, when, why and how: reading, testing, failing, succeeding, forgetting and singing. In my experience I don’t have green fingers. I think it’s mainly because I’m never exactly sure what I’m doing, and although I’m a perfectionist I don’t have much patience with details, I like to rush things roughly but I like them to be perfect. It should be beautiful.


Having a home, a garden, a space to grow my own food makes me so happy. It feels real, meaningful, empowering. It’s a space I’ve created for myself and where I can belong. Where I step back and admire my efforts. Where I can feel the little muscles in my body engaged. Where creatures live in this big city.


I was thinking that why I don’t make this my art? Invite friends, people to cultivate this land with me. We can learn together, share skills and knowledge. Be creative and let ourselves fail. Develop compassion, care and understanding for the earth and the food we grow. Talk, about food, what it means to be human, life, others. Have new experiences and be immersed in the experience, engaged with all our senses. Best of all watch our efforts, love and generosity support these plants to grow and feed the bees and us, if we’re lucky!


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