A New Year Walking With

Extract from journal 02.01.16

I am back in London after a long Christmas with my family and new years with friends. This break has been characterised by walks. I’ve been on so many walks in the rain, shine, hail, pebbles, cliffs with dogs. In the back of my mind I have been thinking about this notion of ‘walking with’ as a research tool. I need to read further into it to fully understand but for now I thought that I’d like to explore that idea having just embarked on a 7 mile walk in dorset on the cliffs while there was a force 12 hurricane at sea. I began by talking to my friends about art, whether they would consider the walk as art and at the same time problamatising the idea. What came of the conversation? I don’t remember. Something about consuming culture – or that may have been when we were discussing Iowaska ceremonies. So ‘walking as art’ I think Sophie mentioned authorship, then just doesn’t anything become art and anyone an artist. Is it easy to abuse this idea, or maybe there is just good art and bad art, and it’s a lot about intention. If the creator decides it’s art then isn’t that enough?

During the walk I took many photos and video from this technique I’ve developed ( I didn’t invent it of course but somehow loved the idea) which involves just taking loads of photos using a DSLR without looking through the lense. I feel that this doesn’t break my flow of actually being there, present in the moment. It becomes part of my experience, not a documentation of it. The walk was excellent and the footage more so, as it was so windy we were being blown all over the place. Earlier today, I remembered the footage I took in India of a man playing the most beautiful sounding flute. Both these experiences mark embodied experiences travelling and I’d like to play around with mixing the two together.


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