Surrounding My Surrounding

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Extract from journal 21.02.16

Just returned from a long walk with one of my flat mates. We walked to Peckham from our place in New cross. I feel pretty exhausted now. I brought my camera along and took some photos. We took the back streets and it felt like I was on a trip somewhere. Some of the streets were unrecognisable as London. I am remembering the time when I got a bike after having spent two months on Vancouver Island and behind my house was this incredible vista. Snowy mountains, pebbles, crabs, star fish and the ocean! Sometimes we get stuck in the same journies, the same routine that we don’t see or experience what surrounds us and our habitual journeys. I had many thoughts on our journey. She suggested I draw from my experience here at this home, moving in and how it affects me. That made a lot of sense, because we have all made a journey here and this is our home? For now?

Some other ideas that came up were:

  • investigating my surroundings
  • exploring the notion of home
  • how did they arrive at jerningham?
  • Having a camera around my neck made me feel like being in a different city
  • How can I make art ‘with’ and not use of exploit my subjects/participants/co-workers/housemates

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