Painting like a Song

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I haven’t made a painting on a canvas like this since I left India in 2010. This specific process is a means for me to express myself. I don’t like to think too much about which colour I will use next or whether to use a paintbrush or my hands. I just like to indulge and let myself be guided by my intuition, my aesthetic judgements. As we have our own studios and a range of materials and tools we can use, I want to explore them. I’m really interested in how my creative processes differ when I use a different art form to communicate with like: painting, song, text, performance or printing. Does sociological research and blog posts count as art? Normally when I make a piece of visual art, I like it to be very conceptual and to think a lot about how to best communicate my ideas in a subtle and clever way. With music, I prefer to let the melody, chords, words come to me spontaneously. I don’t like to rework songs too much and only give myself a day to complete a song. I feel good when I make something that looks or sounds nice and disregard the pieces that I don’t like. So I suppose I am guided by aesthetics..? Why does making something that appeals to me and to others have such importance? This exercise has been helpful to make a painting like I would a song, and to revisit the medium/process that first got me interested in art.

Painting in Process



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