I’m slowly getting to grips with the course. Today I had a meeting with John and that helped clarify things. He recommended I get everything from my journal out onto the wall (the above video is just a short extract of the whole mindmap). I did, but upon reflection I remember that this process felt uncomfortable. I suppose in one sense it was an act of putting on display a part myself, revealing my personal areas of interest in a public space there for others to read. There is something reassuring about keeping your ideas inside your head or inside a journal – you can chose who sees it, to what extent and where. But as my tutors said previous this MA is so much about stepping outside your comfort zone, pushing your boundaries, being aware, and so, even though this was the tiniest act, I know it is moving me forward. I was also very aware of the aesthetic quality of my mind mapping. I didn’t find what I was putting on the wall very attractive. This was probably because I didn’t take too much time to consider where and how I placed things. I wanted to just get all those thoughts out of my head and onto the wall. I don’t think it needs to ‘look good’ at this stage, but made a mental note of my concern.

Today I learnt that this course was designed originally for teachers who have experience in the classroom and wished to enhance and critically reflect upon it, and although this is no longer the case and a handful are coming at it from different angles, I don’t know whether the way the course is set up is best suited for full timers. I will have to explore this and somehow use it to my advantage. Identifying my own learning outcomes is a good place to start.

One thing that I am currently inspired to do (after it being recommended by a very inspiring and successful artist) is to write a business plan and to identify where I would like to be one year from now.

At a first glance this includes:

– Developing an art practice that is relevant, critical, engaging and lends itself to wider audiences in public spaces/ galleries beyond my academic department (work that is good enough to exhibit in galleries and to apply for awards, funding).

– Have had experience applying for grants and by the end have secured funding for me to start my own self-sustainable practice (which I foresee being grounded in nomadic/ critical pedagogical approaches). This could look like be given funding to buy a campervan including insurance/runnning costs and fill it with art materials, which I would then take to diverse communities/ galleries/ schools and deliver selection of innovative, empowering, inspiring workshops.

That’s all for now!


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