Vashti Bunyan

image: m-magazine

I went to see Vashti Bunyan talking at the Institute of Contemporary Art one year ago. I enjoyed listening to her music but wasn’t aware of her nomadic life of the road where she traveled with a horse and cart to the Isle of Skye taking her over two years.

In an interview with Art Cornwall, she describes that period:

‘It was two summers travelling from London with the horse – and the worst of the winter between spent in the Lake District. I was looking for a different kind of education to the relatively sheltered one I’d had as a young person in London and I surely got it. No other way could I have learned about life the way I did. Living outside most of the time – cooking on fires on the ground, washing in rivers and burns, walking miles everyday and watching the landscape slowly change through industrial and rural England to the moorlands and highlands of Scotland.’


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